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Tomato in Sign Language

Learn how to sign tomato in ASL (American Sign Language) – a yummy snack or part of a salad!

1. Bring one hand up and pinch all the fingertips together. Turn the palm towards you.
2. With the other hand, first point to your chin (like the sign for red) and bring it down and slice across the fingertips of the second hand.
3. This sign looks like you are slicing a red tomato. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign tomato in ASL

  • Learning for kids is all about being hands on and a tomato is pretty easy to grow! Start with a few seeds in a cup and once you have a small plant you can transfer it to a bigger pot (or the ground!) and move it outside. Watch your plant grow and enjoy your tomatoes! Practice the sign as the time goes by.
  • Once the tomatoes have grown, try out different recipes together. Do you like tomatoes in a sauce? On a sandwich? Plain with a little salt sprinkled on top? Encourage children to try out new tastes and sign as they go.

Tomato! One hand is the tomato. The other hand starts at your chin (like the sign for red because the tomato is red) and it slices the tomato. Tomato!

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