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Trees in Sign Language

Learn how to sign trees in sign language. Trees are very important to nature!

1. Hold one arm in front of you, forearm faces down and the palm is flat with the fingers pointing out.
2. Place the elbow of the second hand on top of the fingertips of the first. Twist the arm.
3. Rotate your trunk slightly as you go.
4. This sign looks like the first hand is the ground and the second hand is the row of trees waving in the breeze. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Create art games for kids using real parts from trees! You can do leaf prints by dipping leaves in paint and pressing on paper. You can do leaf rubbings by placing a leaf under paper and coloring over it with crayon. You can glue sticks to paper in the shape of trees or a house. Sign trees as you create.
  • Why do we have trees? Your child can probably think of a few reasons (to give us shade, to give us wood), but you can encourage them to learn more! Find out how the roots help the earth and the leaves help the air! Sign trees as you learn together.

Trees. Make a tree with your arm. When you twist it you’re showing a lot of trees. Trees.

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