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My Turn in Sign Language

Learn how to sign my turn (and your turn)! It is a handy phrase to help with social interaction.

1. For my turn, make an L-shaped hand by extending your thumb out and middle finger up, remaining fingers tucked into the palm.
2. Press the l-shaped hand up against your chest for my turn.
3. Move the L-shaped hand away from you, palm forward, to indicate your turn. You would push this hand shape in the direction of the person you are talking to.
4. TIP: My turn and your turn are basically the same sign, and the direction you sign in specifies the meaning.
5. This sign looks like you are pulling something towards you for my turn and pushing it towards someone for your turn. Use this visual to help you
remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Before expecting children to just naturally use this sign, give them ample time to practice. You can model the skill of taking turns during structured playtime at home or circle time at school. Designate a task and have a child sign my turn. After the task is completed, he can pass the task or turn on to the next person and sign your turn.
  • This phrase is a great place to start if you’re wondering how to use sign language in the classroom. Even the youngest toddlers can be encouraged to use it and take responsibility for polite interactions as they grow and are ready to use their words – signed or spoken!

Your turn. My thumb and finger reach toward you. Your turn. My turn my thumb and finger come to me. My turn.

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