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When in Sign Language

Learn how to sign when. It’s another important question!

1. Hold one hand up with the pointer straight up and the rest of the fingers folded down into the palm.
2. Take the other hand and extend that pointer finger. Touch pointers together and then circle the second finger around and touch the first again.
3. Picture a clock going around like the second pointer. When is a time question! Use this cue to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • More than anything, children often want to know when something will happen. When will we go to the park? When do I have to go to bed? When does Grandma get here? Encourage your child to ask these questions with the assistance of sign language to help them express their curiosity.
  • Ask WH questions about books children have read. When did the character decide to go to a new place? What did he do there? Why did he do that? These kinds of questions assist with reading and listening comprehension. Use the signs to help process the story.

When. Your pointer is like the hands of a clock. Your other pointer draws the circle of the clock around it. When.

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