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Z in Sign Language

Learn how to sign Z – we’ve reached the end of the alphabet!

1. Extend a pointer finger and draw a Z in the air.
2. This sign literally makes the letter it represents. It’s an easy one to remember!

Teaching Tips:

  • Find the children’s book “Shiver Me Letters”, a pirate ABC book. Your child will enjoy finding each letter hidden in the illustrations and practicing the signs, and the page for Z is particularly delightful.
  • Sing and sign the alphabet every day. Soon your child will catch on and be able to do both independently and, because you are signing, perhaps sooner than you might expect!

And finally this is how you sign the letter Z. You draw a Z in the air with your finger. Z!

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. Print in color or black-and-white and adjust the print size according to your needs.)

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