Discount FAQ’s

Q. How can I find out about discounts, sales and coupons?

We love to offer our subscribers the best value through easy to understand and use discounts and rewards. Visit for the latest information on our savings options. Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to be the first to be notified of sales and special offers! Sign up for our newsletter here.

Q. How do I become a My Signing Time Affiliate?

You can apply to become a My Signing Time Affiliate today by following this link. Affiliates will use their social media accounts to share daily experiences. They will post pictures and videos of their family using My Signing Time and practicing what they have learned in real life. My Signing Time affiliates may also post program reviews to help share how they use My Signing Time. Additionally, they may share their link directly with friends and family they know will love My Signing Time. By posting everyday experiences on social media, parenting websites, and with friends and family you could earn back the cost of your subscription! Learn more about our affiliate program here.

Q. Why don’t you offer coupon codes any more?

All of our savings and discounts are built into your subscriptions options. For example, you can get two months for free by subscribing for our annual membership. No coupon code required. The discount is reflected in your price at check out. It is that simple. And unlike a coupon code, your savings will roll over when your subscription automatically renews!

Q. How do access my free trial?

We currently offer a two week free trial to all of our new costumers. No coupon code is needed. Simply select the free trial option on the right column of this page at check out.

Q. What discounts do you offer teachers?

We don’t offer a standard discount for purchases made by teachers. We do occasionally offer special deals for teachers and professionals, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter and promotions list.

Q. Do you offer a fund raising program?

Yes! Raise money for your classroom, school or non-profit agency by sharing affiliate links with your families.

Q. Do you have a wholesale program?

We do not have a wholesale program for retail outlets at this time. However, our team of certified Signing Time Academy Instructors enjoy a wholesale discount so they can deliver Two Little Hands products directly to the families they teach in their communities. Learn more about our Instructor program.

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