Signing Activities

Signing Activities

Our fans have submitted a fantastic assortment of signing activities for all age and ability groups. Feel free to use them in your home, school, or group!

Signing activities for babies and toddlers

Signing activities for 3- to 7-year-olds

Signing activities for 8-year-olds and up

Signing activities and games for groups

Signing activities for children with special needs

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Summer Signing Activities

Uddering Signs – Learn where milk comes from.

Doodle Time – This group activity will help you practice signs with play and a drawing game.

Family Tree – Learn more about your family while doing a fun craft.

Water Cycle – With the help from an adult, you can learn about the water cycle.

Feelings – Create a book about your feelings.

Using the Letters of the Alphabet – See how well you know the manual alphabet.

I’m Going on a Picnic – This activity can improve your memory skills as you have fun with the alphabet.

Study Numbers 1-10 – This worksheet will help you practice signing numbers.

The Food Pyramid – Learn how eating healthy food helps our bodies grow big and strong.

Categorizing My Signs – Practice your sorting skills.

All Mixed Up – This activity promotes reading while practicing the signs for items around your house.

Animals, Animals, Animals – Practice your animal signs while sorting them by size, color or where they live.

Remembering My Signs – Play a memory game with Rachel and the signs you have learned.

Signs About Me – This group activity will help you practice your signs.

Signing Charades – This group game will help you practice the signs from several Signing Time volumes.

Edible Critters – Use Peanut Butter Play Dough to create edible critters.

Fast or Slow – Grab your friends and play a game with Hopkins.

Hopkins Puzzle – Cut this Hopkins puzzle apart and then put him back together.

Let’s Make Ice Cream – Move and Groove and make your own ice cream.

My Name Is… – Can you name all of the letters in the manual alphabet?

Signing My Pets – Practice your math and animal signs at the same time.

Signing Time Word Search – Find the words for the signs you learned in Series Two Vol. 8: My House video

Shake, Shake, Shake – Make a tambourine, then Move and Groove.

Chore Chart – Keep track of the chores you complete each day.

Sports Matching Game – Grab a friend and play our sports memory game.

Use Your 5 Senses – Use your senses to describe the signs from Vol. 2: Playtime Signs video.

Weekly Weather Chart – Here is your chance to be a weather expert.

Welcome to School – Going back to school is the last thing you want to think about on your summer break, but with this fun activity, going back to school will be a snap!