Signing Activity Suggestions

Our fans have submitted a fantastic assortment of signing activities for all age and ability groups. Check out these free activity ideas below for fun in the home, school, or in groups!

Here are some downloadable pages we’ve created with more great ideas for activities that will reinforce your ASL vocabulary. Use these at home, at school, or in groups. Feel free to make as many copies as you’d like (most of these pages are full-color so be aware!)

The letters and numbers indicate which series and volume of Signing Time that the activity corresponds with – like this:

Season 1

Volume 1 (My First Signs)

Volume 2 (Playtime Signs)

Volume 3 (Everyday Signs)

Volume 4 (Family Feelings & Fun)

Volume 5 (ABC Signs)

Volume 6 (My Favorite Things)

Volume 7 (Leah’s Farm)

Season 2

Volume 2 (Happy Birthday)

Volume 3 (Move & Groove)

Volume 7 (My Favorite Sport)

Volume 9 (My Things)

Volume 10 (Helping Out Around the House)

Volume 13 (Welcome to School)

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