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Signing Time Academy

In October of 2009 Rachel Coleman and Emilie Brown started the Signing Time Academy to bring American Sign Language to communities around the world as the educational division of Two Little Hands Productions. The Academy’s mission is to bring the benefits of ASL and active learning to children of all abilities through Certified Instructors who offer classes, products, and personal support to parents and teachers in their communities. Our Instructors come from all walks of life that bring their own expertise to their community with parent workshops, baby sign language classes, teacher training, and free presentations. We love our Signing Time Academy Instructors and the difference they are making in the world.

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Signing Time Instructors in 46 States and 21 Countries

In October, in honor of our 10 Year Anniversary we want to celebrate our Signing Time Academy families and their successes. Share with us your stories from the classes you have attended or from success you have experienced at home.

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2016 Signing Time Academy Instructor Retreat & Training

Rachel shared her personal goal when she said “My hope is that everyone will know a little sign, just as most people know a little Spanish – so when your child sees my child at the park, there would be no awkwardness, no communication barrier, just three signs… Hi … friend … play … that is all it would take to change her world.” Since then, we know that the Signing Time Academy and its Instructors are fulfilling that goal.

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