Shop Small Business Saturday and Support Signing Time Academy Instructors

We are proud to support the Annual Small Business Saturday® on November 25th, 2017.

Did you know that each of the Signing Time Academy Instructors are independent small business owners? Instructors teach classes and workshops  for children and parents in their communities. They also sell Signing Time, Baby Signing Time, Rachel & the TreeSchoolers, and Potty Time products, making it easy and convenient for families to build their early learning libraries!

Shop Small Business Saturday and Support Signing Time Academy Instructors

Academy Certified Instructors are adults from all walks of life who share a common goal: helping families harness the power of communication with American Sign Language (ASL) signs. Through skillful delivery of Signing Time curriculums in classes and workshops, Instructors create an environment of learning and play that nurtures and strengthens families. Certified Instructors may offer the following curriculum based on their certification level:

  • Introduction to Signing Time Presentations: presentation on the benefits of ASL and Signing Time that can be offered in a variety of settings for parents, early childhood educators, medical professionals, and so forth.
  • Signing Time Workshops: workshop or workshop series for adults who want to learn how to get started using basic ASL signs with children, incorporating the supportive products from Signing Time.
  • Baby Signing Time Play & Sign class: “Mommy/Daddy & Me” format, weekly 45-60 minute classes for parents and children ages 3 and under.
  • Signing Time Classes: weekly 45-60 minute classes for children ages 3 and up. These can be adapted for virtually any educational setting, including after-school and enrichment programs.
  • Signing Time Story Time: These can be adapted for virtually anywhere the zoo, store, library, or school. Story Times use ASL to inhance reading.

Support your local Signing Time Academy Instructor by signing up for a class or purchasing Signing Time Products on Small Business Saturday® on November 25th. Find an Instructor Now

Here a just a few of our amazing Instructors:

Hi, I’m Miss Amanda over at Our Learning Children.  I often get asked why I became an instructor for the Signing Time Academy, and I would like to tell you my why! My first introduction to Signing Time was when it was on VHS and there were just a few volumes available.  A few years later I was reintroduced to Signing Time at an educator’s conference I was attending as a parent educator.  At the time, I had an 18-month-old and I immediately went to the Signing Time website to purchase some DVD’s. While looking at the site I discovered that I could become an instructor.  I knew that in a few months I would be leaving the job I loved as we embarked on a new journey. So, I became an instructor which provided me the opportunity to continue doing what I loved while being a mom and living in a new place.

Since joining the Signing Time Academy I have lived in 4 different states and welcomed 2 more children into our family!  We homeschool and in our free time we like to be outdoors and crafting.  We currently reside in Northern Colorado and I am currently teaching classes online, as well as in person by request.

Amanda Perry, Our Learning Children, Signing Time Instructor

Support your local Signing Time Academy Instructor

Hi! My name is Jennifer Choy and I run The Signing Tree out of Louisville, Colorado. I’m a mother of 2 children (currently 4 and 8). I love teaching my children American Sign Language.  It’s been helpful for some basic manners and vocabulary when learning to speak. It greatly helped diminish those tantrums for lack of verbal communication. I started working with my oldest when he was about 6 months old. Everyone has a different learning style, and I find that other languages come much easier when you have a kinesthetic attachment to them. We lived in China for over 2 years, and was able to use my ASL to learn Mandarin that much easier.  Also, working with my son, who’s dyslexic can do spelling words a lot easier if he can see the sign rather than the letters on the page.  My daughter has a verbal speech delay and signing is helping her connect her words with the signs to get her point across.  It’s my passion to help those with younger children learn to communicate a lot easier, to those that are hearing and want to learn a new language up to losing hearing and continue to communicate with those that they love!  Signing Time has been a great influence in my family and will continue to learn more every year!

Jennifer Choy, The Signing Tree, Baby Signing Time Instructor

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I am Amy McKnight from Round Rock, Texas. I am a proud member of the Signing Time Academy and owner of THE SIGNING CONNECTION. My classes, workshops and Signing Story Times are offered at several local venues in the area. Being a small business owner has been a fabulous experience. I can create a class schedule that meets the needs and time frame that best suits my family’s needs. Over the past 5 years, I have had the honor to work with hundreds of families and introduce them to the American Sign Language culture. It is amazing to watch the children, sometimes no more than 2 years of age, begin to communicate with their hands. Each time I see a young child begin to interact and sign with their parents, I am reminded of the reason WHY I began this business. I am a mom, daughter, wife, sister and a full-time self-employed business owner… and I am blessed each and every day to say that. So join us as an instructor or drop in and take a class with your local instructor. We are here to learn and grow together. Come sign with us!!!

Amy McKnight, The Signing Connection, Signing Time Instructor

Support your local Signing Time Academy Instructor by signing up for a class or purchasing Signing Time Products on Small Business Saturday® November 25th.

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