Signing Time Academy Instructors Recognized for Outstanding Achievements

Amy McKnight, Bree Loggins, Cheryl-Annette Parker, Marcie Inzer, Stacy McDonald Taylor

Amy McKnight Amy

I am VERY honored and very much appreciate the nomination from the ST instructors. I absolutely love what I do both here in my community and in/for the Academy. I see the other instructors and I am in awe. I love seeking out-of-the-box ideas to try and I love sharing my marketing thoughts with the rest of the Academy. I believe through networking… we become even stronger!  I love hosting some of the “Chats/Hangouts” to provide instructors with new ways of marketing, class development, business development and many more topics. I love helping instructors grow and find their path as they begin their business. Thank you for the opportunity to share what I love to do…with you.

Bree LogginsBree-Bluebonnets

I am honored to be nominated from the Signing Time Academy Instructors. The Signing Time Academy is comprised of such a supportive and encouraging group of instructors. I am proud to work alongside all of our Instructors. My position as a Master Signing Time Instructor has opened many doors for me to be a bridge between my local hearing and Deaf communities. Through classes, workshops, daycare enrichment activities, library presentations, signing story times, exposition events and professional development opportunities, I bring awareness to the importance of early intervention and advocacy for the Deaf Community as I share the benefits of American Sign Language for all ages and abilities.

Cheryl-Annette ParkerCheryl-Annette

I am truly honored and surprised to be nominated. This group is full of many talented and dedicated instructors, and I feel that I am continually blessed to be part of a community that works together in so many ways. The collaboration and community we have developed makes the Signing Time Academy a joy to be part of.

This year, one of my main goals has been to find ways to expand awareness of Two Little Hands both locally and globally. I have found that when people are already familiar with Signing Time and the benefits of sign language, they are more receptive to the classes I teach and to spreading awareness to others.  


Marcie InzerMarcie Inzer

I’m am so very honored and excited to be nominated. I am inspired by your stories & ideas that I wanted to find a visual way to easily access all this awesomeness! I decided to create the instructor pinterest boards and have been able to add so much to my classes through sharing pins with you all. I continue to maintain the boards keeping them up-to-date and I’m currently working on creating new boards for the Treeschooler episodes!!

Stacy McDonald Taylor

I obtained my certifications with the Signing Time Academy to teach my own children to communicate and connect with the world around us.  That small step has provided me with a beautifully diverse community, I am so honored to be a part of.  Signing Time has become a piece of the fabric of our family from the joys of first words all the way through some challenging diagnoses.

In my community, I have been afforded the opportunity to work as a Parent Educator with our hospital system, a Down Syndrome Association of Jacksonville Little Stars teacher, and Public Television Programming advocate.  I’ve hit roadblocks, gotten up and kept right on going.  It has been my privilege to share my knowledge, bumps and learnings with my fellow instructors.  I love finding and encouraging new instructors to take this journey and stay on this journey.  


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