Move and Groove with Signing Time!

By Colleen Brunetti, M.Ed.

Winter is coming. I live in Connecticut and here on the East Coast we steel ourselves for cold winds and rainy and snowy weather… and probably a few more afternoons indoors than we might want. But not to worry, you can exercise indoors with Alex, Leah – and your child! Enter the Move and Groove DVD. With signs like JUMP, SPIN, WALK, and RUN, your child will have a blast moving in creative ways throughout the environment. On a rainy day, you can stay inside and play a version of “Simon Says” with these kinds of actions.

While helping your child stay active and fit during the cold winter months can be challenging, using the Move and Groove DVD can help you create a quick session of indoor exercise that will engage your child’s heart, mind and body!

  • Dress in comfortable clothes or for more fun, dress up like Alex and Leah in the video
  • Create a “dance floor” using a yoga mat, rug or interlocking foam mat
  • Make the sign and the movement together as you learn each sign (dance while you sign DANCE, jump while you sign JUMP and so on)
  • Move and groove along with Alex and Leah during the song segments
  • Talk about your experiences after the video: “Which sign is your favorite? Which movement did you like doing best? Who is your favorite ST character?

Jump, dance, spin and march along as the Signing Time friends demonstrate many wonderful ways to move your body.

Signing Time Move and Groove DVD

Another great Signing Time dance song is “Proud to be Me”, which you can view right on YouTube! This bouncing song is found on Signing Time, Volume 3.

Of course, if you’re blessed with some milder weather, or have cold weather adventurers, be sure to take these signs outside to explore the great outdoors as well!