How Do I Start Signing With My Little One?

Baby Signing Time Instructor Bethany Sloan from Orange, California answers key questions to help you start your signing journey.

To help get you started, I’ll teach over 10 signs that you can start incorporating into baby’s day–including MILK, MORE, ALL DONE, EAT, HUNGRY, THIRSTY, SLEEP, TIRED, WATER, DIAPER, DIAPER CHANGE, MOM, and DAD.  Plus, look closely and you may spot these signs as well: OUTSIDE, BALL, CAT, DOG, MUSIC, BATH, BOOK, CLOUD, and BIRD.

But don’t get overwhelmed–I suggest starting small with these first four “starter signs”–MILK, MORE, ALL DONE, and EAT.

In the video, you’ll also come across numerous signing tips, hear a snippet about Ellie’s first signs, and learn what my all-time favorite tool has been for teaching her American Sign Language.  (Countless mamas swear by it!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking a summer break off of {Little Sign of Mine} classes with my Peanut, and I’m also glad I was able to pull this together for any mamas who are wanting to start now.  (Classes resume in September, and eek! I even have a couple new class locations!!)

So here we go… here’s the run down on how you can get started today!

Find an Instructor in your area

If you can’t find an Instructor near you, some of our Instructors are doing classes and consults via Skype and Google Hangout. Visit our Academy Facebook Page if you need an online Instructor and we can get you in contact with one.

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