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Aunt in Sign Language

Children often have special relationships with aunts and uncles. When learning about the family signs you will want to know how to spell aunt in sign language! This sign is what is known as “initialized”, meaning the first letter of the word is used as a part of the sign itself, in this case, the sign for the letter A!

1. Make the letter A and bring your hand up so your thumb is right near your mouth
2. Circle your hand backwards slightly

Teaching Tips

• As a general rule, female signs (aunt, mom, grandma, etc.) are signed by the chin and male signs (uncle, dad, grandpa, etc.) will be formed up near the side of the forehead.
• As you sign aunt, name off all the special aunties in your child’s life. They can be blood relatives, or close friends who have earned the honorary title.
• Make ASL fun and a family affair! Go through family pictures. Point out a special aunt while signing the word and adding their name, “There is Aunt Sue!”


Aunt. You circle an A by your chin.

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