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Backyard in Sign Language

Learn how to sign backyard in two simple steps. First you will show the direction (back) and then the location (yard).

1. First sign the word for “back” by making a fist (or an A-shaped hand) and gesturing back over your shoulder.
2. Then sign “yard” by bringing one hand out in front of you, palm down, and circling the palm to show a yard space.

Teaching Tips

• A backyard is fun place to play an I Spy sign language game! Take your child outside and say, “In our backyard I spy (something green, something to play on, a place to eat… or whatever you see!). Have your child guess what you see. Make sure you sign “backyard” for each round!
• When signing backyard, get some exercise! The opposite of back is front! So start in the front yard, then sign “backyard” and race to the back.


Backyard. Sign “back” and show the space of the yard. Backyard.