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Cat in Sign Language

Learn how to sign cat in ASL (American Sign Language) to talk about this favorite family pet.

  1. Bring one hand up to cheek height, palm open, fingers slightly relaxed and forward.
  2. Touch your thumb and pointer finger together a few times, drawing them just slightly away from the face, and leaving the other fingers up and open.
  3. You can do this sign with one hand or with two.
  4. This sign looks like you are showing the cat’s whiskers on the side of the face.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign cat in ASL

  • Animal games for children inspire the imagination! How does a cat move? How does a cat sound? How does a cat eat? Play pretend cat with your child and use the sign as often as possible.
  • Go to the library to learn about cat, especially the big cats like lions and tigers! Or can you find some books about silly made up cats? What will you discover together? Sign cat whenever it appears in the text, or as you enjoy the illustrations and pictures together.


Show the cat’s whiskers with one hand, or two. Sign cat!

Download the Flashcard (click on the image. The file contains a few color and black-and-white options. Print according to your needs.)

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