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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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Clean in Sign Language

Learn how to sign clean and use it whenever cleaning up is needed!

1. Bring one hand up about chest height, palm up, and fingertips pointing away from you.
2. Bring your other hand up and swipe it once across the first hand, palm down.
3. This sign looks like you are wiping something off a table (or your hand!) Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • What simple cleaning activities can your child help with? Picking up toys, wiping down the table after a meal, or putting away laundry are all ways to help clean! Encourage even very young children to help out where they can and use the sign for clean frequently.
  • Create fun preschool games for children in centers. Delight in getting hands dirty doing activities such as finger painting or sand play and then have just as much fun around getting clean. Keeping it light and fun keeps the sense of cleaning as a chore a little more at bay.


Clean. Wipe your hand clean! Clean.

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