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Closet in Sign Language

Learn how to sign closet in ASL. This sign is helpful during cleanup time and in

learning about different areas of the home.

1. Bring one hand up about chest height, all fingers tucked in, except the pointer finger, which is extended straight forward. This is the closet bar.
2. Bring the other hand up, pointer finger crooked, and the rest of the fingers tucked in. This represents a hanger.
3. Tap your crooked finger over the straight finger a couple of times.
4. This sign looks like a row of hangers over a closet bar. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • Few preschool interactive games are as fun as hide and go seek! Use the closet, or a few closets around the house. Use the sign whenever you can as you play.
  • What goes in a closet? We hang our clothes to keep a room neat, and maybe store some toys and games in there too. Use the sign for closet as you help your child tidy up and put things away in the closet.


Closet. Use your finger to show hangers hanging up in your closet. Sign closet with me.  Closet.