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Clouds in Sign Language

Learn how to sign clouds, which is just a bit different in plural form than the sign for the singular “cloud”.

1. Bring both hands up about eye height, each hand curled into a c-shape.
2. Start with the sides of the thumbs and pointers together – so the c’s are touching.
3. Bring the c-shaped hands around in front of you, drawing them in a bumpy long oval (like the fluffy shape of a few clouds together!), until they meet on the other side with the sides of the pinkies touching.
4. This sign looks just like a string of fluffy clouds in the sky. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • Go outside and look at the clouds. Imagine them as funny shapes and pictures and talk together about what you see up in the sky. Use the sign frequently as you go!


Clouds. Make Cs with both hands and outline the clouds! Clouds.