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Cousin in Sign Language

Learn how to sign cousin so you can talk about these favorite fun family members!

1. Bring a c shaped hand up near your head.
2. If you want to talk about a girl cousin, you move the c shaped hand slightly in the area near your chin.
3. If you want to talk about a boy cousin, you move the c shaped hand slight in the area near your forehead.
4. Tip: Many feminine signs (mom, aunt, grandma) are signed near the chin and many masculine signs (dad, uncle, grandpa) are signed near the forehead.

Teaching Tips

  • Preschool learning activities around family members can be lots of fun! Gather some pictures of favorite cousins. Talk about where they live, who they live with, and what kind of fun you have when you’re together. Model good language by using the sign for cousin and trying out sentences such as, “When I am with my cousin, we love to ___________!”
  • Video chat with a cousin! Do you have a cousin who lives far away? Do a video chat with them (and aunts and uncles too!) to say hello.


Cousins. Sign a C by your chin for a girl cousin and a C by your forehead for a boy.

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