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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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Dance in Sign Language

Learn how to sign dance and get ready to move and grove!

1. Bring one flat hand up about chest height, palm up.
2. With the other hand, extend pointer and middle finger, tucking in the rest of your fingers.
3. “Dance” the pointer and middle finger back and forth over the flat hand.
4. This sign looks like the first hand is the floor and the second hand is a pair of legs dancing away! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • Fun preschool games involve lots of moving – so have a dance party! Move and grove to the music and sign “dance” as you go!
  • Play a stop and go game with dancing. When the music is on, sign “dance!”and everybody moves. When the music shuts off, everybody freeze! (You can use the sign for stop if you want!)

Dance! One hand is the floor. And use two fingers to show legs dancing. Try it with me. Dance!

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