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Daughter in Sign Language

Learn how to sign daughter is ASL. Who do you know who is a daughter?

1. First sign “girl” by drawing your thumb down the side of your face (like you’re tracing a bonnet string on a little girl!)
2. Then sign “baby” by folding your arms hand to opposite elbow and rocking – just like you’re rocking a baby.
3. This sign is easy to remember because a girl baby is someone’s daughter!

Teaching Tips

  • Learning for kids is best done with lots of creative and imaginative play!  Get a baby doll and encourage your child to pretend it is his or her daughter. What does a baby need? Food, love, and a fresh diaper! Enjoy the roll playing together.
  • Read books together that has a parent and a daughter in it. Help your child point out the daughter in the pictures and practice the sign.

Daughter. You sign girl and then rock your baby.