Sign Language Dictionary

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every day

Every Day in Sign Language

Learn how to sign every day and… well, use it every day!

1. With one hand, make the A-hand shape. You do this by tucking the pointer, middle, ring and pinky fingers gently into the palm (don’t curl them!), and pressing the thumb on the side of the hand.
2. Next, brush the thumb on your cheek a few times.
3. There isn’t a great visual to help you remember this sign –you just have to learn it!

Teaching Tips

  • Learning ASL is easy when you practice every day! So use this sign… and many others as often as possible!
  • Play a little word game with your child. Start a sentence with the words and sign “Ever day we….” See what they list that your family does. Some answers might surprise you!

Every day! Make an A and slide your knuckles across your cheek a few times. Every day.