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Fine in Sign Language

Learn how to sign fine to talk about feelings and actions that are A-OK.

1. Bring one open hand up to the middle of your chest, with you thumb pointing towards you.
2. Tap your thumb on your chest a couple of times.
3. Alternately, You can point to yourself first and then sign fine. This means “I feel fine” or, “I am fine”.

Teaching Tips

  • Signing for children is often a good way to help them learn to express their emotions. “How do you feel?”  “I feel fine!”. Practice the sign for fine as you talk about the feeling.
  • Sometimes the opposite of fine is feeling sick! Play doctor with stuffed animals and have some feel sick and some feel fine. Practice the sign as you go.


Fine. Or I am doing fine. Open your hand and tap your thumb on your chest. Fine! I am doing fine. First point to yourself and then sign fine. I am doing fine!

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