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Fly in Sign Language

Learn how to sign fly in two different ways (note – this kind of fly refers to the insect!)

1. Option one is to finger spell FLY

    F: Connect the tips of your pointer finger and thumb to form a circle, stretch out the rest of your fingers.
    L: Tuck your middle, ring, and pinky fingers into your palm. Stretch the pointer finger straight up and the thumb straight out.
    Y: Tuck your pointer, middle, and ring fingers into your palm. Stretch the thumb and pinky fingers out.

2. Option two is use the sign.

    a. Bend one elbow and hold it loosely parallel to your body.
    b. With the other hand swoop across your body, starting with an open hand and ending with a closed one.
    c. This version of the sign looks like you’re catching a fly! Use the visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • While it may seem simpler to use the sign rather than finger spell this word (and that’s totally fine!), practice the fingerspelling version from time to time as well. Alphabet games for children, including finger spelling playfully, can create strong early literacy skills!
  • Pretend to be a fly. Buzz around the room landing in silly places. One person can be the fly and the other can be the person trying to capture the little bug. Giggle your way through a game of “Shoo, fly!”

Fly! F, L, Y or swoop your hand like you’re catching a fly. Fly!