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Friday in Sign Language

Learn how to sign Friday and talk about fun things to do on this often-favorite day of the week!

1. First make the sign for the letter F (pointer finger and thumb connect to form a circle, the rest of your fingers are raised and slightly apart).
2. Next, twist your wrist so that your palm is now facing you (but keep the F-shaped hand in place!)
3. Circle your forearm a few times.
4. Friday comes around every week! Use this concept to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips

  • Curriculum in early childhood often centers on learning the calendar. Reviewthe calendar each day with your preschooler – sign what day it is and talk about the month and the season too.
  • Have a “Freaky Friday” – dress silly, eat dinner for breakfast and breakfast at dinner, and anything else you can dream up to turn Friday upside down.

Friday. Make an F now turn it towards you and circle it. Friday!