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Grass in Sign Language

Learn how to sign grass in ASL (American Sign Language) and enjoy nature’s soft landing while you’re outdoors.

  1. Hold one hand palm up, fingers slightly bent in, and tap the palm on your chin a couple of times.
  2. This sign looks a lot like you’re laying in the grass with your chin resting on the ground. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign grass in ASL

  • For children, games outside can be twice the fun – and they get some much needed exercise. Devise a fun fair with a few favorite games spread around a lawn and have children run through the grass from one activity to the next. Sign grass while on the go!
  • What kinds of creatures live in the grass? Grab a magnifying glass and go exploring together. When you find a tiny creature, model this sentence: “We see a (insert animal) in the grass!” Sign grass each time!

Grass! Its just like grass is tickling your chin. Grass.

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