Sign Language Dictionary

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How in Sign Language

Learn how to sign how! This word is often a great sentence starter to get conversation going!

1. Start with two lightly held fists, knuckles on each hand press against one another, and the thumb is extended up.
2. Roll your hands forward so they begin to open slightly and end with fingers lightly curled and palms up.
3. There isn’t a great visual to help you memorize this sign – you just have to learn it!

Teaching Tips:

  • Preschool learning is all about the physical interaction! Play a little game to help with coordination. Ask your child, “How do you jump on one foot?” Sign the word how and then watch them perform the task. Mix it up with additional movements such as: spin around, clap your hands, pat your head?
  • Encourage verbal expression by asking your child how to complete certain tasks while supporting the question with the sign for how. Allow her to explain and how. For instance, “How do you make your bed?”. “How do you set the table?” and so on.

How. Put your fists together with your thumbs up. Roll your hands forward and open. How!