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Hungry in Sign Language

Learn how to sign hungry – it’s a helpful one for when the crankies start and your child needs something to eat!

1. Make a c-shaped hand by gently curling the fingertips in a little bit so your hand looks like a c.
2. Face your palm towards you and starting at your throat area, draw the hand down to the midsection.
3. This sign looks like you are showing food going down your throat and into your tummy. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.
4. Bonus tip: Sometimes people are tempted to repeat a sign a couple of times for emphasis. It is important that you don’t do that with this sign when you are VERY hungry as you will then be saying something quite different, and not child appropriate! Instead, use your body language and facial expression to emphasize how very hungry you might be!

Teaching Tips:

  • Teaching sign language is easy when food is involved! Each time you serve a meal or a snack, ask your child if she is hungry and support the question with a sign. Encourage her to sign back to you to confirm.
  • If your child is hungry at snack time, offer him a few healthy choices and encourage him to sign hungry and then point to (or sign) the food he wants.

Hungry. Your hand shows that you want food to go down to your tummy.

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