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Lobster in Sign Language

Learn how to sign lobster! Do you like to eat lobster? Or just watch them scuttle around?

1. Rest both elbows near the waist and extend forearms out.
2. Make a V-shape (or scissors shape!) with your pointer and middle finger extended, and the ring and pinky fingers tucked into the palm with the thumb holding them down.
3. Open and close your middle and pointer finger together like snapping lobster claws. Look out!
4. This sign looks like a lobster opening and closing its claws! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Turn pretending to be a lobster into a game. Those little “claws” you make in this sign are excellent tickle fingers too. Giggle and sign your way through practicing this sign.
  • Preschool learning can happen anywhere – even the grocery store! Visit the fish section and observe the live lobsters in the tank. Ask your child to talk about what he notices and practice the sign.

Lobster! Make scissors with your fingers like the lobster claws. Lobster!