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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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More in Sign Language

Learn how to sign more. It is often one of the first signs children will pick up when given the opportunity!

1. Place your fingertips on each hand together.
2. Tap the finger tips of both hands together a couple of times.
3. This sign looks like you are holding on to just a little bit more of something. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Practice this sign at mealtimes when you are first introducing it. Offer just a piece or two of a favorite food. Once it has been eaten, ask your child, “Do you want more?” and sign. You can encourage him to sign back by gently tapping his own fingertips together at first. As soon as you see the sign (independent or with guidance), exclaim, “MORE! Okay! Let’s have some more. Yummy!!” Using food is quite motivating and makes this sign one of the easiest ones to pick up.
  • Basic sign language for babies very often starts with the word more! You can model this sign in lots of places. With food, play, tickles, songs, and more. Whenever your child clearly wants more of something, be it item or an activity, sign more and encourage him to do the same.

This is the sign for more. Put your fingertips together for more, more, more! Let’s see you sign more.

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