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Mountain in Sign Language

Learn how to sign mountain. Is there one nearby to try to climb?

1. First sign rock by tapping one fist on top of the other.
2. Next raise your hands up so one is placed above the other, palms open and facing away from you.
3. This sign shows a rock that is really big – like a mountain! Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Make a play mountain out of clay. What lives on a mountain? Can you make those out of clay too? Sign mountain as you talk about the creation.
  • Create reading games for children that show progress – up a mountain! Draw a large mountain on a piece of paper. Provide a photo or drawing of the child (she can make her own!) and a designated number of steps. Let’s say you choose 10. Each time your child finishes a book, she can move her figure up the mountain another step. When she reaches the summit she gets a prize – maybe a new book!

Mountain! Sign rock and show how big it is! Mountain. Mountain!