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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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Pet in Sign Language

Learn how to sign pet. Do you have a special pet at home?

1. Bring one hand up to about chest height. Bend the fingers down so they point towards the ground.
2. With your other hand, stroke the top of the first hand a couple of times.
3. This sign looks just like you are petting a little animal. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Art games for kids inspire imagination. Create an imaginary pet! You can draw it, or create it with craft supplies. What will you name your pet? What silly things will it do? Use your imagination and sign pet as you play.
  • Have older children write simple stories about their pet and read it to a friend. Sign pet together as you share your story.

Pet! Just like you are petting an animal. Pet!