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We are committed to providing resources for parents who value signing with their children. Our sign language dictionary includes over 400 common signs including the top starter sings for your baby. For each word, there is a video, diagram, and teaching notes to make learning new signs easy. Many of our signs include free downloadable ASL Flashcards to help reinforce the signs taught in our series.

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Read in Sign Language

Learn how to sign read in ASL (American Sign Language). What will you read together today?

  1. Hold one hand up in front of you at about chest height. The hand is sideways (pinky side down) and the palm open – like the page of a book.
  2. With your other hand, press the pointer and middle finger together and tuck the remaining fingers into the palm.
  3. Holding the second hand a few inches out from the palm of the first, draw them up and down like you are reading the words.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign read in ASL

  • Read me a story! You may be the one who usually reads to your child, but even if your child isn’t quite reading for real yet, they can still share a book with you! Ask your child to “read” to you, even if they make up words or just talk about the pictures and enjoy! Sign read together.
  • Alphabet activities for children are the foundation of early reading! Each of the letters of the alphabet in our sign language dictionary has some activities to try. Go check them out! Sign read as you learn your ABCs.

Read. Your two fingers trace the words on the page.

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