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Rollerskate in Sign Language

Learn how to sign rollerskate! Just like with practicing sign language, if you practice rollerskating it gets easier!

1. Hold both hands in front of you with the pointer and middle finger extended and crooked in a little bit. Fold the other fingers into the palm of the hand.
2. Alternate pushing the hands forward and back.
3. The pointer and middle finger show the wheels and the moving hands show the movement your legs make when you skate. Use this visual to help you
remember the sign.
4. You can also modify this sign for inline skates (or roller blades). Simply hold hands flat with palms facing one another and alternate pushing them back and forth.

Teaching Tips:

  • Is there a roller rink in town? Choose a family friendly time to go and enjoy learning to skate together. Practice your sign in-between tries!
  • You can play music games for kids at the rollerskating rink. Play a song and try to skate and when the music stops you freeze. Each time you star the music and start to skate again, sign rollerskate!

Rollerskate! Your two fingers are the front wheels skating. And this is the sign for inline skates. Rollerskate!