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Sandwich in Sign Language

Learn how to sign sandwich. Is there a favorite kind at your house?

1. Bring one hand up about chest height, palm down, fingers pressed together and pointing away from you. This is the sandwich filling
2. With the second hand, extend the thumb and press the rest of the fingers together, bending them towards the thumb, but leaving a small space
between the thumb and pointer. This is the bread.
3. Place the bread over the filling! Tuck the first hand into the space between thumb and pointer on the second hand.

Teaching Tips:

  • Activities for children where they help in the kitchen are always highly engaging! Make a silly sandwich together! Look in the fridge and find some ingredients that don’t usually go in a sandwich to use. What new tastes can you create? Sign sandwich!
  • Play restaurant. The adult starts as the customer and orders the most creative sandwich they can imagine. The child can then create the sandwich with play food or draw one based on the description. Then switch roles and let your child pretend to order a creative sandwich!

Sandwich! One hand is the bread, the other is the filling inside. Sandwich!