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Teach Your Child Baby Sign Language

Use this sign language dictionary to teach your baby simple sign language


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Spring in Sign Language

Learn how to sign spring. Is it your favorite season?

1. Hold one hand up in front of you and bend the wrist so the palm faces in somewhat. Lightly curl the fingers in a C-shape.
2. Take the other hand and place it below the first. Touch the fingertips together.
3. Push the second hand up through the opening in the first. As it comes up, spread the fingertips of the second hand apart.
4. This sign looks like a plant is coming up out of the ground and blooming. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Talk with your child about things that happen in the spring (snow melting, plants budding, gardens being worked on, etc.). Use sample sentences such as, “In the spring _______ happens!” Sign spring each time.
  • Make sign language flashcards to teach the season. Find a picture to represent each season and go through them with your child while signing each season.

Spring. Show plants growing out of the ground. Spring. Sign spring!