Sign Language Dictionary

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Today in Sign Language

Learn how to sign today. What will you do today?

1. Make Y-shaped hands. Extend the thumb and the pinky and tuck the rest of the fingertips into the palms.
2. Then turn the hands “upside down” so the palms face up.
3. Bounce the hands twice.
4. Today ends in the letter Y and you are emphasizing today with the double bounce. Use this cue to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Activities for children built around the calendar are an important part of early learning. Take a look at the calendar each day and talk about today. What day of the week is it today?
  • Children also thrive on routine. Try giving them an overview of the day, “Today we will ______. Then we will ______. Next we will ________. Today will be busy and fun!” You can sign today each time you say it.

Today. To sign today, make Ys with both hands, turn them upside down and bounce them twice.