Sign Language Dictionary

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Tuesday in Sign Language

Learn how to sign Tuesday – the second day of the work or school week!

1. Make a T-shaped hand by making a fist and tucking the thumb up between the pointer and middle finger.
2. Turn the palm towards you and then circle the hand away and back towards you.
3. Tuesday starts with the letter T and comes around every week! Use this cue to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Song games for kids can incorporate sign language and learning. Sing a little song that goes through every day of the week. Sign each, including Tuesday, as you go!
  • Get the book “Tuesday” by David Wiesner. It’s mostly a picture book, but the word Tuesday plays a key roll! Enjoy this hilarious story together and sign Tuesday when it appears.

Tuesday. Make a T, now turn it towards you, and circle it. Tuesday.