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Vacuum in Sign Language

Learn how to sign vacuum. Vrooom-vroom!

1. Hold one hand out in front of you in a fist, palm down.
2. Move the hand back and forth a couple of times.
3. This sign looks just like you are holding a vacuum handle and moving it back and forth while you clean. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Sign language lessons can happen during every day tasks and it is never too early to start teaching chores! Get your child a toy vacuum and let him push it along next to you while you use the real thing. Sign vacuum together.
  • Some children are afraid of the sound the vacuum makes. Before turning it on, sign vacuum together and make vroom-vroom sounds. Let your child explore the vacuum while it is off and push it a little if they are able. Familiarity and signing may help alleviate some fears.

Vacuum. It’s just like you’re holding the handle of the vacuum and vacuuming! Vacuum.