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Worm in Sign Language

Learn how to sign worm. This little creature has an important job!

1. Hold one hand up, palm flat and fingers pointing away from you.
2. Take your other hand and extend the pointer finger. Tuck the other fingers into the palm.
3. Inch your pointer finger across the palm of the first hand.
4. This sign looks like a little worm inching around. Use this visual to help you remember the sign.

Teaching Tips:

  • Do some preschool learning activities with worms. If you can, keep a worm in a safe box of dirt and observe its behavior. Or go out in nature and see where you can find worms (under rocks, in the grass, etc.). Sign worm when you see one.
  • What do worms do exactly? Their job with dirt might surprise you and delight children. Learn about worms together and sign worm.

Worm. Your finger is a worm inching across your hand. Worm.