Notes From a Concert Attendee: Ogden 2012

This was submitted by Gina, from her blog My Chocolate Peaces. If you have small children and have not heard of Signing Time, then you need to check it out. Signing Time is a product put out but the company Two Little Hands Productions that provides education in sign language. First, here is my story. My little boy had several ear infections his first year. He has now had tubes placed in his ears, twice. Although I have no solid proof I strongly believe that the ear problems have played a part in my little boy and his delayed speech. …

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Ghana: The Little Changes Make the Biggest Difference

By Carissa Martos: Certified Signing Time Academy Instructor and Signing Time Foundation Academy Outreach Coordinator Going to Ghana as an interpreting student, I experienced the same culture shock surrounding poverty as the others (Rachel, Pablo, Ronai, Jen, Aaron and the girls) have noted, as well as the lack of in interpreting services and limits to what Deaf children are able to achieve in the current structure, and the misconceptions and prejudices that are rampant in the country. Then I remembered that the concept of Deaf education only came to Ghana in 1957, when Andrew Foster established the school that would …

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The Kids Speak Out!

Before the last trip to Ghana, Leah did an interview where she explained that when she grew up, she wanted to be a writer as well as a teacher of the Deaf in Africa.  She explained why she was going, and what she hoped she could change for those children.  The interview is as relevant to the upcoming trip in 2012 as it was back then: [youtube] Rory, the daughter of Carissa Martos, the Foundation’s Academy Outreach Coordinator, also wanted to explain why her parents were heading to Africa, and what they hoped to accomplish there.  Rory’s too young …

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Crocodiles and Goodbyes… and Going Back!

The Crocodile (Wow, I can’t believe I never posted this… as we are getting ready for our 2012 trip, I noticed this draft, hanging out unpublished- so here’s the wrap up from 2008 and some info about our trip in January 2012!) Shortly after arriving at the cottage, Deb and I started packing. We would be up before everyone tomorrow morning.  The rest of the group would leave the following day. We were leaving a day early so that I would have the chance to meet the first group of Baby Signing Time signers. I had purchased a large crocodile in Aburi …

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Ghana Trip (and AWESOME Pins)

Rachel and the Team are heading back to Ghana in January of 2012 to help Signs of Hope International with their work, supporting the Deaf students and community in that part of west Africa. Thank you for your interest in both of these pins that supported the Foundation’s work!   . ..

Be the FIRST to get the new POTTY TIME products!

Have you ever wished that Rachel could teach your child about potty training? Now she can! Very soon, Two Little Hands Productions will release the new Potty Time Program. It will help you and your child sing, sign and dance your way through potty training! Watch a preview here. If you want to be the first to get Potty Time, do the following: “Like” our Potty Time Facebook page Sign up for email notification on the home page of Follow us on Twitter, @easypottytime                              

More Birds!

Hey all!  Guess what?  The Signing Time Foundation has a Twitter account now.  Please follow us to share pictures of concerts, highlights of talks you’ve seen Rachel give, and keep tabs on our latest doings.

Notes from a Rachel Concert-Goer

“It’s Signing Time with Alex and Leeeaaahhh!”, is often the song belted out at my house by my two-year-old, Jadelyn. And to be honest, she isn’t the only one in our family who loves “Signing Time” and the entire Coleman family.  I have always had an interest in American Sign Language (ASL). I took some introductory courses in college for fun and used a little basic sign in my classroom as a first grade teacher. Naturally, as I became a parent, I was interested in teaching sign to my infant too. I read online about basic “baby” signs and read …

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Rachel Concerts are for Everyone!

Ever wanted to tell the members of the Deaf Community all about seeing Rachel in person, but have had a hard time communicating the essence of the experience, either because you weren’t face to face, or because your ASL isn’t at that level?  Well, the 2011 Instructor of the year, RID-certified interpreter Christie O’Neill has made this easy for you by signing and voicing this explanation for you: [youtube] Thank you, Christie! *Note, Hopkins does not come to all of the events, but if you’d like him to come to your local event, please contact your local organizer!

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