Why Sign With Your Baby?

Why Sign with Your Baby?

Why would I want to sign with my baby? Here are just some of the benefits:
    • With just a few basic signs, you can know if Baby is “hungry”, “thirsty”, wants “milk” or “water”, needs to “sleep”, wants “more”, and the list goes on and on.
    • Provides a bonding experience between parents and baby.
    • Improves confidence and self-esteem.
    • Aids in speech development (most baby signers begin to speak earlier than others who do not sign).
    • Cuts down on tantrums because Baby can tell you what he wants.
    • Signing increases mental development.
    • Learning ASL is teaching your family a second language.
    • It is just plain fun!

See the infographic below for more details!


“I just wanted to write in and let you know how much Baby Signing Time has had a positive impact on our family and our baby’s development. At 12 months, my son knows all the signs from Baby Signing Time, and can actively sign about 20 of them back to us.

It has opened my eyes to how much a one-year-old really understands about the world. I think if he hadn’t started signing, I never would have understood just how much knowledge and language comprehension he actually has.

When a baby can’t communicate back to you, you sort of just assume that they don’t comprehend what you’re saying. But since learning to sign, I realize that he DOES understand me, and of course it helps his self-confidence to be able to respond to us.”

Allie (Mommy) and Elliott (12 months)

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Check out and share our Infographic – Advantages of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

Advantages of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

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