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Do you know the colors of the Rainbow?

One of my favorite Signing Time earworms (i.e. song that sticks in your head on repeat) is “The Rainbow Song“. It’s a great song for practicing basic color identification. It’s fun to sing, easy to remember and relates colors to everyday items in our world. “The Rainbow Song,” like any earworm, is not without it’s hazards. If you are a ROYGBIV fan, like I am, beware. This song comes with the added challenge of not using spectrum of light to define color order. The lyrics mention purple before blue. Even so, this song will have you ready to grab a …

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learn through playing

10 Easy Ways to Practice Place Value at Home

Learning place value is a foundational skill children need to be successful in math. Teachers often note that refreshing students’ place value skills is important. This is because understanding place value helps children to build more complex skills as they grow. Practicing place value at home can help to keep your child ready to tackle whatever new math awaits them in the classroom. Practicing math at home with movement and song can be rewarding. Our My Signing Time subscribers love Practice Time 1, 2, 3. It is a fun series available on our My Signing Time App that practices ASL …

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Signing Time Family Testimonial: Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko

We Did Not Realize How Critical Signing Would Be

One of the most beautiful and unexpected gifts of Signing Time is getting to know the community of remarkable families that embrace our programs and enrich our communities. Today, we are excited to introduce you to one of those families. This Canadian family is no stranger to adventure. Two moms, two boys and tons of fun. Follow as they share their limitless outbound activities from hikes to horse back riding on their Instagram @downwithjaxandniko.  Meet Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko! “Hi! We are Holly and Alex, a 2 mommy family! We live in Canada along with our 2 perfect boys …

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Programs to watch with your children

New Shows You Need to Watch with Your Kids this October

Did you know that My Signing Time routinely adds new shows? We know you want quality, safe, commercial free programming that will help you and your children connect, learn, and grow. Our team curates content that we know will inspire and uplift your family. In September, we added new programing that will unleash the budding artist in your family, get you all moving, and increase your conversational ASL Skills. This fall has many of us learning virtually. We know it can be challenging to provide motivating art and physical education activities at home. This month’s new releases focus on giving …

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How to Easily Learn ASL Grammar and Classifiers

Are you ready to learn how to use ASL grammar and classifiers?  If you want to take your ASL to the next level you must learn these essential skills. Now is the perfect time to try out our Sign It! program.  Sign It! is an American Sign Language course for tweens, teens, and adults. Grow your understanding of ASL Storytelling and Deaf culture while learning to properly use ASL grammar and classifiers in a fun format. The new site is fully functional for both mobile and desktop learning. It’s self-paced, taught by some amazing ASL experts, and is a LOT …

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How Can I Practice Baby Sign Language?

The best place to practice Baby Sign Language is everywhere you are with your baby. You can begin signing with your baby soon after birth, so you may want to start practicing during pregnancy.  Keep in mind, baby may not be able to sign back until after they are 4-9 months old. Remember – all babies develop differently and it may take time for baby to understand signs and sign back. So, where do you start practicing sign language with your baby? That is easy, start naturally as you interact with your child. When you are feeding your baby sign …

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Where to Buy Baby Signing Time

Are you looking for the best place to buy Baby Signing Time? We have three great ways to purchase our baby sign language videos. 1) You can buy the Complete Baby Signing Time Digital Library at for $69.99. The Baby Signing Time Complete Library includes: Ep. 1: It’s Baby Signing Time – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 2: Here I Go – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 3: A New Day – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Ep. 4: Let’s Be Friends – Video + Music MP3s + eBook Signing Time Nursery Rhymes – Video + MP3s Goodnight Baby Lullabies – Music …

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Free Baby Signing Time Support Printables

As you learn signs taught in Baby Signing Time, print off our Progress Charts and check off each sign you and your child(ren) learn. You will be amazed at how many signs you know! Baby Signing Time Progress Chart  Our fans tell us that it’s the music that makes Baby Signing Time so special. Here you’ll find all the lyrics for songs found on the videos and music files (you can find videos and MP3 music files on Download Baby Signing Time Volumes 1 & 2 Lyrics  | Listen to Music Preview Song titles include: Baby Signing Time Theme Eat & Drink …

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Is My Child Ready for Potty Training?

Potty training is a huge milestone! Not only does it mean the eventual end to diapers and pull-ups, it means your little baby is taking some figurative steps towards being “so big!”   How do you know when your child is ready for potty training? It is about timing, not about age. Potty training is about physical, developmental and behavioral milestones. Children may be ready as early as 18 months and as late as 4 years. Typically it can takes longer for naps and nighttime training, most children can stay dry at night between ages 5 and 7. If you start too …

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Internet Movie Database (IMDb) Poll Includes Signing Time

Have you ever heard of the Internet Movie Database (IMDb)? It is a site for movie and TV buffs to share and find information. Over 250,000,000 people visit the site each month! One popular feature is the user poll, and this week they are asking people about their favorite PBS children’s show. “Signing Time” is one of only 15 choices! We would love for you to check out the poll, vote for your favorite, and check the current standings. To vote, you’ll need to be a registered user, and registration is free. If you have time, vote in some of the other …

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