Sign Language Success

We at Two Little Hands are grateful for the hundreds of success stories that are shared with us. These stories back the research done on signing with infants and children. Enjoy some of the amazing testimonials we have received.

My daughter has been watching Baby Signing Time videos since soon after birth. Learn more on my blog. Now at 2-years-old, she knows many of the signs and really loves the colorful flash cards. I credit the creative songs with helping her pick up vocabulary quickly and teaching American Sign Language to not only her, but my husband and I too.

Some of the many words she now signs at 26 months: eat, cracker, water, cereal, milk, banana, all done, more, fish, dog, baby, hat, please, thank you, sorry, train, airplane, sleep, grass, go, up, down, star, moon, me, peach, bubbles. We use “wait” religiously, so I’m sure she knows what it is when we sign it.

Our family is now incorporating Baby Signing Time with our newborn. Let’s hope he picks it up just as quickly as big sis has. It’s really helped us with communication before full spoken sentences are here. I highly recommend it. ~ Saving Amy

Sign Language Success

My twins (who are now 12) toddled around to Signing Time DVDs for a multitude of their early years.  I’m so happy you’re still producing these so that my friend with a new baby can experience the same early communication abilities with her new baby that I had with mine. I believe these videos eliminated the terrible twos because my girls could tell me what they wanted. We still use the signing we learned when we are in a quiet or very loud location where verbal communication is not possible. Not only were they able to learn another way to communicate with this system, they also learned that not everyone is the same. Thanks for keeping this program going because it’s a lifesaver.  ~ Heather

I just have to say thank you to the Signing Time family. My daughter absolutely adores your videos and has taken to signing better than we could have ever hoped for. It became evident to me when my husband was speaking to her and then added the sign for what he was saying and her face just lit up as if to say, “so I really did get it”. We cannot thank you enough for the joy you’ve brought into our home with an increased ability to communicate with our baby! ❤️ Kelly

My daughter who is now three failed her hearing screening at birth. She was referred to an ENT at around two weeks old and did some testing. They passed her and said everything was fine. Little did we know, they did not have the correct equipment at that location for newborns and they tested for the wrong thing. Therefore, we did not find out she had profound to severe hearing loss in her left ear and moderate to profound hearing loss in her right ear until she was 2 years old. It was a very frustrating journey knowing we lost all that time that we could have been signing with her and starting to build her language. Through further testing we found out her cochleas in both ears were not all the way formed. Since then she has had hearing aids and now her left ear is implanted and she is scheduled to have her right ear implanted next month. She has grown a lot in her signing, and so have my husband and I. It has been quite the journey but we are glad we now are learning how to communicate with her. 

My daughter loves to watch the Signing Time DVDs and my husband and I learn from them as well as the online classes. We really enjoy SignIt ASL and the Signing Time DVDs, too. It has helped us all be able to communicate better with our daughter! 

The biggest challenge is that it is a second language to my husband and I, as we are both hearing, but we are slowly learning and becoming more confident with it. The biggest challenge is just learning ASL and being able to use it correctly. Our daughter attends K3 at a sign language school where they use total communication and she has learned so much while being there with ASL. It is a challenge for my husband and me to make sure we are staying ahead of her signs with what she learns at school. ~ Melanie

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