Signing Time Family Testimonial: Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko

We Did Not Realize How Critical Signing Would Be

One of the most beautiful and unexpected gifts of Signing Time is getting to know the community of remarkable families that embrace our programs and enrich our communities. Today, we are excited to introduce you to one of those families. This Canadian family is no stranger to adventure. Two moms, two boys and tons of fun. Follow as they share their limitless outbound activities from hikes to horse back riding on their Instagram @downwithjaxandniko. 

Meet Holly, Alex, Jaxson, and Niko!

Holly, Alex, Jaxson and Niko in the mountains“Hi! We are Holly and Alex, a 2 mommy family! We live in Canada along with our 2 perfect boys Jaxson and Niko. Both our boys were adopted when they were just a few weeks old. Our boys have Down syndrome. We always knew that teaching ASL was going to be a part of our journey, however we didn’t at the time realize how critical sign language would be to our family.

We started signing with Jax, our oldest when he was only a few months old. At 9 months old he showed us his first sign. Today Jax is 6 years old. He has over 400 signs today that he uses fluently. ASL is his primary means of communication. Niko, who is now 2 years old has picked up signing as well! It has been an absolute joy to teach him what we have learned as a family of 3.

We have learned 99% of our ASL through My Signing Time. Signing Time is a staple show in our house. Not a day goes by that we are not signing those catchy songs along with Rachel. Sign Language has given our boys the gift of language and the power to confidently go out into the world and communicate. We are so incredibly thankful for what Signing Time and ASL education has given our family over the years.”

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