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Do you know the colors of the Rainbow?

One of my favorite Signing Time earworms (i.e. song that sticks in your head on repeat) is “The Rainbow Song“. It’s a great song for practicing basic color identification. It’s fun to sing, easy to remember and relates colors to everyday items in our world. “The Rainbow Song,” like any earworm, is not without it’s hazards. If you are a ROYGBIV fan, like I am, beware. This song comes with the added challenge of not using spectrum of light to define color order. The lyrics mention purple before blue. Even so, this song will have you ready to grab a …

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live out Earth Day every day

Let’s Live Out Earth Day Every Day

Special days on our calendars help us to teach our kids about the bigger world around them. April is full of these special calendar days, and since Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, April is considered to be “Earth Month”. This is the perfect time of year to watch Extraordinary Earth on My Signing Time. In this episode our treeschoolers explore what makes the earth so special and how we can be stewards of our planet. It’s great to celebrate Earth Day and Earth Month. But beyond these celebrations, we can help our kids know how to take care …

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healthy drug free kids

Red Ribbon Week Celebrates a Healthy, Drug-Free Life

The wearing of a red ribbon can represent different causes. During October 23-31 each year, it is dedicated to awareness efforts to keep kids drug-free.   We don’t really like to think about substance abuse, especially in reference to our children. However, our discomfort with the subject does not change its reality.  Substance abuse can affect every segment of the community. It can pop up in any age group.  While it tends to be associated with only certain types of communities, the truth is that it affects all communities.  And yes, it can reach our kids. Red Ribbon Week is about …

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Care about childhood cancer

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September is a full month for awareness issues, and while we cannot possibly cover every one of them, we’re going to look at a couple of them.  One of September’s titles is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. While childhood cancer is an issue that many of us have not dealt with personally, there are many who have dealt with it quite personally.  And so, it’s an issue that we should be willing to understand in a deeper way. The first way to do this is to increase our awareness about childhood cancer.  The co-founder and executive director of The Morgan Adams …

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Down Syndrome Awareness - Signing Time Foundation

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month and the Signing Time Foundation is proud to be a long-standing supporter of children with Down syndrome and their families. Signing Time Co-founder Rachel Coleman has often be found at National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Buddy Walks around the country, and we’ve been working hard to build a great database of resources for you to use when signing with children who have Down syndrome. The goal of the Buddy Walk is to promote understanding and acceptance of people with Down syndrome. “My September and October weekends are filled with Buddy Walks!” says Rachel. “At each …

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Signing Turns Your Child’s Brain On

All of our children have normal hearing and don’t have any behavior or physical conditions. But we wanted to communicate early with our babies, and give them the tools to communicate with us.  And it worked! When our first daughter was about 6 months old, we introduced her to the first volume of Baby Signing Time. She loved the show and began signing to us. We also signed multiple things to her.  By the time she was 1 year old, she could sign 50 words. Over the next few months, she learned 100 more! We were so impressed. It really helped …

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Lovers Gonna Love – Why People Choose Signing Time

Rachel shared the following on Facebook on August 15th: Feeling especially grateful for our Signing Time families and friends. We are able to do what we love, because there are so many people who love us! (That’s where I choose to focus.) Families who love Signing Time, love Signing Time. ❤️ Families who love Sign It ASL, love Sign It ASL. ❤️ AND… I love what I do because of YOU! #dowhatyoulove #lovewhatyoudo We thought it would be fun to share why YOU our Signing Time Families love us from some of the many messages, emails, and testimonials we have received over the …

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American Sign Language – Celebrating 200 Years

According to The National Center for Health Statistics there are approximately 50 million Americans that have some degree of hearing loss. About 2 million are classified as deaf. Approximately 10% of those classified as deaf were born deaf, the other 90% lost their hearing later in life. American Sign Language is the 3rd most used language in the United States. It is estimated that 500,000 deaf people are in the US and Canada. American Sign Language is increasing in popularity, spreading to other countries, such as Japan and China, where is it being used for not only early communication, but as a bridge in learning English. Several organizations …

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Signing Time Academy Instructors are Teaching Girls Scouts How to Sign

After seeing the following video and post last week we reached out to theGirl Scouts of the USA to ask permission to share it with you. We wanted to share what some of the Signing Time Academy Instructors are doing to teach Girls Scouts how to sign. While selling Girl Scout Cookies with her dad, 9-year-old Phoenyx ran into a cookie customer who was deaf. Writing on a slip of paper, the customer asked Phoenyx to return later, when someone else would be home. This one incident inspired this go-getting Girl Scout to learn ASL—not only to communicate with cookie customers …

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Priceless Rewards: Beating the Odds with Signing Time

“What could have been a stumbling block became one more chance for Erin to Shine.” Baby Signing Time Kickstarter Backer Diane C. shares her story about the powerful life-long rewards of signing with her daughter, Erin.   “I just have to share how Signing Time continues to touch our lives every day. My daughter has been a life-long member of the Signing Time family. When she had a speech delay because of Down syndrome, Signing Time gave her an age appropriate vocabulary. As her speech ability became stronger, she stopped signing, until she began using longer sentences. Then she used her signs …

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