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Autumn in Sign Language

Learn how to sign autumn in ASL (American Sign Language). The sign for “autumn” and for “fall” are the same. Use our sign language dictionary to learn the signs for all the seasons, months, and even days of the week!

1. Lay one arm at a slight angle, palm flat, fingers extended.
2. With the other hand, fingers together, thumb slightly tucked, brush the elbow of the opposite arm.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign autumn in ASL

• Think of your arm that lays sideways as the tree, and the hand you brush your elbow with as the leaves falling from the trees. Learning sign language is easiest when you imagine pictures in your mind that link the sign to the concept the sign stands for.

• Talk to your child about all the things that they observe in autumn (the leaves fall, the weather gets cooler, we wear warmer clothes, etc.). Start each sentence with “In Autumn we (see/say/feel) _____________” and demonstrate how to sign autumn each time.


Autumn! Brush your elbow with your hand. Autumn. Sign Autumn.

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