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A in Sign Language

Learn how to sign the letter A in ASL (American Sign Language). The sign for “A” is an easy one handed sign that moves smoothly between other letters in words and its hand-shape is used in many other signs. Start by making a fist with your strong hand, hold it at shoulder height with your palm facing out. Move your thumb to the side of your fist so that it stands up along the outside of your index finger, if you leave it in front it means the letter S.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign A in ASL

Learning how to sign “A” in sign language can be important, especially if you or one of your children’s names starts with the letter A. In many cases, names signs are made by combining the sign for a defining characteristic with a person’s first initial.

  • Most people won’t use the letter A as the word “a” in sign language, it gets skipped over
  • Don’t squeeze your fingers too tightly, or twist your wrist too far out, signing “A” should be comfortable and clear
  • You might be surprised at how quickly your hand and forearm get tired when you start learning to finger spell, keeping loose will make it easier on you.


“This is the letter A. You make a fist with your thumb on the side. It looks a lot like a lower case a. ‘A’.”

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