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Baby in Sign Language

Learn how to sign baby in ASL (American Sign Language). You will see the word baby many times in our Baby Signing Time program! It is also a favorite sign for many young children and one of the first they will likely pick up with our sign language videos. In addition, there are few things quite as cute as watching your baby learn how to sign “baby”!

  1. Stack your forearms one over the other just about mid-waist height.
  2. Rock back and forth just like you’re rocking a baby.

Teaching Tips – to learn how to sign baby in ASL

  • Signing “baby” is easy when you think about it like rocking a real baby.
  • Read books about baby animals with your child, signing “baby” for each one.
  • Choose dolls and toys that look like babies. Ask your child to care for the baby and sign “baby” while rocking, feeding, and putting the toy to bed.


  • Baby. It’s just like you’re holding a baby. Baby.

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